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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”

– John F Kennedy

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Leadership Training and Performance Coaching

that sticks


Performance Management Series

Interactive training sessions designed to develop effective managers and create impactful cultural shifts

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Dedicated classroom-style interactive programs guaranteed to improve your

management style


Organizational Leadership Series

Hands-on group facilitation designed to help executive teams and leaders define their team’s goals, action steps, and desired end-state

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Goal setting

drives alignment and engagement around the most meaningful work that is core to a team’s success


Tactical Leadership Exercise

Epic team building events that push individuals outside their comfort zone and make teams unify to accomplish their mission

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Pushing boundaries and finding solutions are key elements in

team building


About Us

Founded on the belief that great people make great teams, and great teams can produce extraordinary results


Our proprietary LDR Leadership curriculum provides the tools needed to

build positive cultures



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Upcoming Events

Our regional Performance Management Series events are designed for first-time mangers to gain a better understanding of proactive problem solving 


Upcoming Regional Events


The Regional Performance Management series is specifically designed for first-time managers to develop skills around proactively identifying challenges and implementing solutions in a positive way.