Build stronger teams by setting and achieving common goals.


OLS Overview

Goal setting drives alignment and engagement around the most meaningful work that is core to your success. LDR Leadership works alongside executive leadership to build actionable plans and map out key milestones for success.


“We’ve worked with LDR Leadership for the past year, holding a series of leadership events that combined physical team building and leadership workshops. Each event has created stronger communication, greater clarity, and buy-in on purpose and goals, and broken-down silos.”




of participants implement lessons from the programs within 2 weeks following the event


rating by attendees for overall effectiveness and impact


teams and organizations with newly defined missions and purpose



Hands on Facilitation

We help your team define your:

Purpose Statement

An expanded description of the company’s purpose beyond the “why” of their mission statement.

End State

A description of the desired future conditions that represent success for key stakeholders.

Key Initiatives

The significant activities the team must perform to achieve the desired end state.