Course Overview

Performance Management Series teaches leaders, managers, and supervisors practical steps to improve the effectiveness of their management approach. The courses are presented in a dedicated, classroom-style interactive setting and are guaranteed to impact the way attendees manage their employees.


“Spending money on corporate training programs is easy. Getting a return on investment is what's hard. Unfortunately, some training programs provide little more than an excuse to spend the training budget. 'Proactive Performance Coaching' is an investment with a return- not just a shot of entertainment”




rated the PMS program as “extremely” and “highly” valuable in terms of time and money invested


said the knowledge and skills covered in the program will help them better perform their job


said they would recommend this program to their peers


said the content was “true-to-life”



Proactive Performance Coaching ©

This course is designed to teach managers effective methods for creating behavioral changes within an organization without utilizing discipline.

Problem Identification and Decision Making ©

A training course structured to demonstrate the importance of proper identification in problem solving and the importance of teamwork in the group decision-making process.

Developing Ownership of the Organization

This course helps employees develop a true sense of “pride of ownership” in their job and assigned responsibilities.

Developing Effective Boardroom Decision Making ©

This course is designed for director boards and senior management and focuses on improving communication both internally and between the board and senior management in the decision-making process.

PPC Follow-Up ©

This training session focuses on the proper methods for reinforcing good performance without reliance on money or promotion as the primary reinforcing agents.

PPC Group Forum

This annual refresher course is both a group presentation and a personalized one-on-one course between participating managers and LDR Leadership team members to review course material and discuss challenging situations.

Transitioning Into Management

This course prepares individuals who are being considered or who have been promoted into supervisory positions. The course trains employees about the roles and responsibilities associated with moving into a managerial role.



Why it works

The PMS program takes a science-based approach of a deep understanding of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex and applies it to management.

The limbic system (the emotional portion of the brain) and the prefrontal cortex (the decision making portion of the brain) are the cornerstones of the brain that will enable you to become the best coach, manager or leader.  The PMS translates this social science into an easy-to-follow curriculum that enables a first line supervisor to implement from day one.



“I created the PMS program as a direct response to the lack of systematized training for managers. The program has evolved and improved since it's creation, but still proves as effective as it was when it was founded 30 years ago.”

Jack Yaeger, Creator of the PMS